Thanks for your interest in becoming a Community Mod

We’re very fortunate to have such a large, dedicated and positive community. We want to continue to empower members who are superbly helpful and expand our community, which is why we created this new Community Mod program. By joining this program, you will be rewarded for your incredible volunteering efforts.

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To be a Community Mod, you must be both an active and helpful community member with a trust level of 3 on the Webflow forum. This level of trust can be obtained by enforcing our guidelines and actively participating to conversations with likes, solutions, and starting new topics on the forum.

As a community mod, you'll be rewarded for helping the community learn and grow with exclusive perks.

What are the perks?


When you help us, we help you.

Monthly perks
  • 100% off a month Professional Webflow account plan
  • Unlimited access to a Community Moderator Slack Channel
  • Get on the VIP list for any upcoming beta test program

Know the rules

Be as active as possible on the community forums.  We don’t expect anyone to volunteer everyday, but if you're consistent, we’ll notice your efforts.  We completely understand that you may be unable to volunteer your time due to other circumstances. Of course, you're welcome to come back at any time to apply for the upcoming month.

Here are some additional do's and don'ts:


  • Read and agree to the Community Guidelines
  • Update post titles that are very vague (example: “HELP! Something is wrong with my site!”)
  • Change the category of a post if it doesn’t fit within the current category
  • Mark post replies as solutions if it is a solution to the original post


  • Share timelines for feature updates
  • Imply you're a Webflow employee
  • Respond to negatively toned posts created by other community members
  • Respond to other community members in a negative tone

Removal from program is at our discretion.

Community Mod Application

After you fill out the below form, we'll contact you to set up a time to talk over webcam.

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